jewelIT is a tool that allows the customer to trial jewels without even wearing them. It helps customers access products from anywhere and any time through the various digital platforms. It captures the image of the customer and allows them to try on all the jewels of their choice. JewelIT gives customers the opportunity to experience shopping using cutting edge technology that makes their lives easier and shopping a joy. JewelIT maintains a customer database and helps retailers understand their customers buying cycles and specific likes and needs. This will help in sending customised notifications to the customers about the various products on sale.

Retailers – Improve Your Portfolio
Report & Statistics

  • Generate reports that provide insight on buyer attitude
  • Make informed decisions based on buying pattern of customers
  • Gather feedback on unique user experience

Save Time

  • More options looked at in lesser time
  • Spend less time folding clothes and arranging the products after use, not to mention cleaning the trial room

Return on Investment

  • Cut down on the spend on man power
  • Increase in sales because of the virtual dressing room

Increase Revenue

  • Increase in customer footfall because of the strategic advantages
  • Maximising buying by providing your customers with more variety of options to choose from

Customers – Enhance Your Shopping Experience
Save Time

  • Jewel IT is quick and easy to handle – no learning curve
  • Access products from anywhere and anytime within fraction of seconds
  • Look at more options in lesser time
  • Make informed decisions sooner
  • Save time on purchases

Snap Shot and Compare

  • A snap shot of each trial is available to you
  • You can compare the snap shots between trials
  • Helps you make the perfect choice

Unique Shopping Experience

  • Access and purchase your favourite jewel using Cutting Edge Technology from anywhere
  • You can try all the jewels on your own choice
  • Browse through hundreds of designs and varieties in one go
  • Be a part of the new look and feel

Safety & Security

  • Your security is guaranteed