stitchIT is a tool which makes the real the possibility of designing your own clothes in a matter of minutes. It creates a user friendly atmosphere where choosing a material for a dress is no more harrowing! StitchIT allows the customer to select a sample fabric and design and make a dress all in the span of a few minutes. The cameras with sensors allow them to trial on themselves, what they have created. Customers will get a peek at how it will look on them. This dress can then be replicated in reality. StitchIT hence makes the shopping experience a pleasure.

Retailers – Improve Your Portfolio
Made to Order

  • Provide customised creation of clothing
  • Increase in customer satisfaction with the end product
  • Better understanding the customer needs
  • Less returns
  • Reduces rework

Customise the Outfit

  • Joy of designing your own outfit
  • Create customised outfit and stand out from the crowd
  • Getting all your specifications right by better communication of what you want

Ever Available Product Information

  • All the information you will need on the product is available a click away

Snapshot and Compare

  • See how a particular fabric or design looks on you
  • You can compare the snap shots between trials
  • Helps you make the perfect choice