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Coitor is an innovation-focused next generation company with an award winning team of experts in various domains. Our main mission is to re-conceptualize the way in which customers interact with your brand, by challenging the status quo. We are a team of experts in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) where each of us are specialists who come from diverse backgrounds to make your dream a “reality”. Our speciality is understanding the user experience and tailoring solutions specifically to satisfy our client’s customers. From a startup to an established organization, our team contains a perfect blend of youth and experience to serve your needs and unravel a “reality” filled with growth and potential. Our commitment towards innovation and customer satisfaction has won us multiple awards including the “Innovative Startup Award” from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and being the only Indian Startup at UK’s leading startup accelerator. We are the trusted partners of brands such as Hero, Raymonds, Future Group, Chennai Silks etc, and have expanded from being an apparel-oriented solution to an expert in various industries. Contact Us to explore an extended reality solution for your organisation.

Our Services

WebAR / Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality helps customers perceive the objects in their own environments in real-time. It helps create a personal experience in making the purchasing decision.

Virtual Reality

VR is a completely-online experience where the user’s view will be similar to the real environment. The user is “transported” to an alternate reality, where they get to experience your products.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the rendezvous of the best aspects of both physical and digital worlds, helping us unlock the connection between humans, computers and physical environment.

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Why We Are Expert In AR?

With an incredible pool of talent from backgrounds in skills required to create an immersive user experience. We have a wide range of artists, designers, and content creators who specialize in converting requirements into reality. Apart from just designing, we have an array of brand strategists, and marketing experts who help in conceptualizing the pathway towards customer satisfaction. We offer a 360-degree solution, both literally and figuratively, for modern day problems and have successfully solved problems in domains such as Augmented Reality, WebAR, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality etc. We started by building virtual trial rooms, and since then have expanded to building solutions in various verticals.

Our Clients

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How We Work?

We work in an “Always-In-The-Loop” method where we try to work along with our clients from idea to final product and beyond. You will be a part of each step in our process, and your feedback will drive the innovation forward.

Step 1

Breaking down your vision into actionable deliverables in terms of graphics, animations and so on.

Step 2

Our team of experts build out the vision into a real world product.

Step 3

Feedback loop for tailoring the product for target demography.

Step 4

Deploying the end product into the real world!

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