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How about a Midas touch to your products! We bring virtual objects to environments in real-time. A memorable personal experience in making the purchasing decision. We increase the customer’s ability to interact with them in real-time and give them a lifelike magic. We master all the major AR frameworks such as ARKit, DeepAR, Maxst and leverage the best technology for your needs. From furniture walk-through, clothing trials, to machinery experience we have it covered.


From the comfort of your phone browser, exterminating the need of an app, we give you the marvellous AR experience. Unlike Snapchat or Instagram demanding an app, Coitor can help your brand reach more than 3.5 billion devices.


Imagine a world where you have access to millions of apparel and accessory choices sitting at the comfort of your home? It feels like a dream right! With Augmented Reality, this dream can now be a reality. You can use AR to let users have a “Virtual Try-On” where they can check the fit of clothing on themselves or anyone around them. Or, they can just check the outfit in 3-D Real Time sitting on their couch! This can also be adopted for products such as jewellery, shoes or watches. The customers can not only check out the products, but they can have full information about the product such as cost, materials, source etc. These options would help customers connect with your brand, even before they step into a store and give them the extra incentive to make the purchase. Contact us to know more about ways in which we can glam up your product!

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With an increasing number of mobile devices, AR can be leveraged for creating real-life advertisements where users can interact. Coitor has a wide range of content strategists who are experts in creating “Augmented Advertisements” for any brand and target demography. Augmented Advertisements is proven to provide higher engagement numbers.

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Furniture is a personal statement. Circling on the right one that defines one’s personality is not an easy choice. Size, décor and need can now be aligned using our Augmented Reality solutions. With a single swipe, “trial” another piece of furniture in the same space or a different one and get a first-hand experience of how things align! Yes! The heavy lifting is now done in the mobile they hold.
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With increase in internet connectivity, more businesses are going online faster than ever. Augmented Reality bridges the gap between the physical space and the online, where customers can interact with your product in real time. May it be a coffee maker or an expensive refrigerator, users can visualize it in real-time in a chosen environment. 

The customers can not only view it in 3-D, but also interact with it the same way they would at a physical store, giving them the feeling of owning it.

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Automobile Industry has proven to be expected and seen with awe. Imagine your customers experiencing your automobiles and interacting with them from the comfort of home.
AR can realise this. Car manufacturers, and car dealerships, where the manufacturers can get a detailed view of the different parts of the car in real-time, and the dealerships can send the entire “catalog” to the buyers’ phones.

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Overcoming the barriers of textual learning to real life learning experience happen only in AR,VR and MR is put to use. The new COVID scenario has leveraged the power of e-learning. AR magically increases engagement of students with the subject matter and hence great results !
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Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons and medical staffs have now the opportunity to visualize and interact with the 3-D representation of the various organs and body parts. For eg, nurses can rightly identify the veins in one’s hand for drawing blood, without needing to go through multiple trials. When performing surgeries doctors can have a 3-D view of the internal organs to have a full picture about the space. AR technology can be used for viewing medical records such as MRI, CT Scan etc. in 3-D and interact with these like never before.
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Real Estate

With the online market conquering the world, Augmented Reality is the only way to bridge the gap between the physical space and the online store. AR enables your customers to freely interact with your product in 3D view in real time. May it be a coffee maker or an expensive refrigerator, users can visualize it in real-time in any environment it the same way they would at a physical store, giving them the feeling of owning it.
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