February 3, 2019

Technology has grown beyond words and flourished in ways mankind has never expected even amidst the pandemic. What could be handier and engaging than devices powered up by AR&VR.

Simple as a child play and secure as a fortress, Apple has never taken a backseat in coping up with innovative technology drives. Who would deny its aims and triumph in pioneering the worlds coolest gadgets?

Staying in line and anticipating the upcoming need of the hour, Apple has taken a deep dive into the ocean of AR&VR and has been registering patents for its research. Among the best pearls it has collected, incorporating ARkit in its products will always be a game-changing milestone.

On such amazing venture apple is into now are the AR glasses. It is never enough in emphasizing the need and benefits of AR-powered work ware. And AR glasses will always be at the top of the list. The key feature of these glasses is that they are visual, haptic, auditory, and olfactory. Thus, enhancing the real-world object to levels unimaginable standards and understandability.

Any business is driven by demand. And in the case of wearable technologies, the market value has a, clear potential to rise to $57,653 million in 2022. A few years back, it was $19,633.

It is clear the impact AR glasses are about to create in the upcoming days especially in 2022.

Areas that AR smart glasses will venture,


One major interesting and never fading area is gaming with AR. It has achieved amazing traction especially during these lockdowns and pandemic. The future gaming world is inside the AR arena and AR smart glasses will lead.

Maintenance and Repair

Irrespective of the industry, maintenance and repair has always been a lucrative field for owners and stressful job for workers. Connecting and troubleshoot is the major issue. Fixing the gap between the less experience and most experienced resource is the most efficient solution. And doing it virtually can prove to be profitable. None other than AR smart glasses can achieve this.

Education and Learning

Learning can be fun. Learning can be engaging. Learning can be most product productive. Learning can be a technological projection. Learning can be an amazing experience. And all this can be achieved through an AR smart glass.


Stay home and stay safe can be very stressful especially in times like these. Virtual tourism can be the go-to in these situations. Real-world experience is achieved through AR Smart glasses.


Air force can have their altitude, airspeed, and horizon line shown in the AR display. Ground troops can view their enemy location and resources all updated and displayed on the go.


The use of AR and VR in medical field can saves lives. It can achieve a higher purpose when live vital stats of the patient is displayed for the doctor to view. Even complex procedures can be done at ease. Every case detail can be recorded.


What can be better than a virtual assistant powder with AR features guiding you all way through. Security and safety are major aspects. Driving can be enhanced to a safe gaming experiencing. Advertisement can be added to it. Such a bliss.

It is not an overstatement to say AR is the future. Have you got AR smart glasses for your organization? Now is always the right time!

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