March 12, 2020

Did you know that as per the 2012-13 report, work-related injury and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion, representing 4.1% of GDP. The cost that is put on the employer is 5800$ per incident. But unfortunately, all this money cannot replace the amazing resources you have found and trained.

The silver lining is the greatest achievements of Technology in attaining human safety. In the last century, mankind has taken the leap into protection of man’s greatest asset – Vision. Isn’t it not amazing if your safety glasses can also take you into a high-tech vision experience?

Ocular Injury

A major and common cause of blindness worldwide is Ocular injury. And 60% of these injuries happen at workplace. Most patients were working in the metal and machinery sectors constitute the 66.4% Work-related eye injuries (WREI)Smart safety glasses Vs Ocular Injury.

Major eye injury reasons are as follows,

  • Impact injuries
  • Puncture injuries
  • Heat-related injuries
  • Chemical eye damage
  • Hot steam burns
  • Optical radiation injuries
  • Mucous membrane exposure

Majority of cases corresponds to carelessness at work. It is unavoidable that workers switch between tasks at work. Thus, giving the worker very limited time to respond if an injury happens. Here the AR Smart glasses are a life saver. All data are visible and usable in wearer’s field of view thus leaving them hands free to focus on the task at hand.
AR smart glasses can also show warnings on the hazards in the environment that can alert the worker and avoid hot steam burns, optical radiation injuries and heat related injuries. The heat sensors are the men at work in saving your day!

Pressure sensors can help worker to estimate the amount of impact force they may be working in and take necessary safety measures. Any sudden or gradual increase in the same will alert to the worker and the supervisor.
Isn’t it amazing!

Smart Safety Glasses Vs Physical Injuries

Physical Injuries are not only a headache but also cause millions of losses in productivity and compensations. The major physical injuries are,

  • Strains and sprains
  • Falls, Trips and slips
  • Fractures
  • Wounds and lacerations
  • Burns

“Nearly half of the affected i.e 46.4%, reported that their injury was resulted from merely worker-related causes, while 19.4% cited workplace-related causes as the culprit.” Now this statistical data simply relates to the number of safety-related issues you face running production or construction unit.

Controlling access to dangerous or restricted areas can avoid majority of these accidents. GPS facilities available in the smart glasses does the trick for us. Any employee who lacks safety clearances will be notified via their glasses if they breach virtual geofencing created using Bluetooth or GPS technologies embedded in the glass.

Raise in radiation levels have been a proven threat to workers. The smart glasses can also show radiation levels are rising alert thus warning the worker to move to safe grounds.

The risk of anything from heat exhaustion to muscle fatigue, can be intimated to co-workers and supervisors via AR smart glasses. New smart shirts that track heart rate and body temperature using sensors can be connected with the glasses to help achieve this.

Added Advantage

Training the new hire is an inevitable costly affair. It is not only time consuming but also requires an additional resource to execute the training. Smart Safety glasses come in hand here.

The most interactive feature in smart glass is the step-by-step instructions, diagrams, videos, the smart glasses enables the users a hand – free access to information. One could always look in for options that help oneself to train even in remote conditions. This is aided by Real-time, see-what-I-see communication. The Audio and visual option gives the user Hands-free, point-of-view corporate documentation and logging.

Along with this, the glasses also provide AR overlays for remote support and communication. One other stunning experience is got by object and image recognition that makes scanning codes, text, numbers, step verification and task completion a cake walk. So, in a crisp summarization, self-help guidance is sophisticated and thus would mitigate the requirement for an additional human support.

What could be better than the combo of Safety, Sight & Next generation technology. In simple, a sight into future is enabled. It is never an understatement to say safety and technology when combined into a smooth blend is Smart safety glasses.

Coitor IT Tech is a highly renowned Virtual Reality based company with specialized manufacturing skills in VR based products. Yet another amazing aspect we have ventured into is the inclusion of AR into safety glasses. Yes, rendering all in all a Hi-Tech experience. All your safety related issues are covered.

We are the one stop solution. What is more fun than to use a gadget that is simply designed to meet just your needs. Nothing more nothing less. Coitor offers a range of smart glasses that not only covers your safety but also your budget. Isn’t it amazing? To explore the smart safety glass and its specs visit here.

Are you ready for a safety glass that takes you to marvel experience? What could be better than the chance to revolutionize your work place? Book your slots now!

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