May 5, 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of science and technology. The future generations would happily rely on it for the perks it has. A simple and most appealing technology. Its amazing simplicity has conquered the smart phone world. Domestic devices are also in the arena now. Thus, making it a global phenomenon.

One of the greatest and amazing features of the AR is that it keeps the environment the same while a digital overlay is given over it making the existing environment a AR world. Fun, technology, learning, training, fashion and even home décor is now enhanced by AR.

AR has been rapidly evolving. Its uses have been exploring many areas . Its applications have been growing into am multitude of ways and one such is the snapchat lenses and identifying your car in a parking lot and virtual try of clothes and jewellery at the comfort of your home and so on.

Pokemon Go which was released in 2016 was sensational. And Pokemon Go is one amazing example of the impact AR can create. In Pokemon Go, the players will have to locate the Pokemon characters and collect them. Like said before, the AR keeps the surrounding trees, pavements, fountains even the roads intact and just digitally overlays the Pokemon on the surrounding.

Below are the few industries where customer can get along with business through AR applications


AR superimposed on the regular routes with live tracking is really a boon. Until a few years ago, the only option to reach an unknown location was to interact with people while traveling and ask for help. We had to go through the hassles of conversing with strangers to know the shortest possible route to our destination. But today, the scenario is not the same. The advancement in technology has enabled us to get real-time information on our current location, traffic alerts, and the best route to get to our destination using maps. With the combination of visual and voice navigation services, maps eliminate and minimize commute times, making travel safer. We must say that technology have completely changed the way people travel to places. The latest revolution in this domain is AR navigation, that offers interactive 3D navigation systems enabled by AR to the people.

Initially, the user is prompted to open the rear side of their smartphone camera. The camera will recognize the user’s location. The app, on gathering the GPS data of the user, will augment interactive, virtual street signs and pointers on the display screen of their smartphone, displaying the shortest possible route. Besides, to avoid accidents, the app will recommend users to keep their phone down after they take the right route. This way, AR not only helps users reach their destination without any difficulty but also help them to move around the streets safely.

Besides, AR navigation has capabilities that go beyond just helping people to navigate through new places. AR navigation can also be used when a user is new to a place and is in search of a good restaurant, parks, cafes, or a theatre.

Home Decor:

Decorating the home is always a challenge. Décor will look good at the store but it wont suit the home you live in. AR has provided a better solution to avoid buying a product that doesn’t match your home. It is now possible to bring in home décor in AR view. Thus giving the user a clear understanding on how the décor would actually look like and help make buying decisions.

The AR technology takes into account lighting, objects, and shadows in the room, so you can see how the new décor will look in real life. If you don’t trust your own judgment, you can also share images from the app on social media, to get a your families and friend’s opinion.


Virtual Try on for clothes and jewellery has been a great demand now days. The user can try on the clothes virtually and do real-time try on. If you’re going to use AR, you’ll want to brainstorm unique ways to help your customers avoid an otherwise burdensome process. While fitting rooms might not be the only solution, AR stands out by offering customers a fun and useful alternative.

Many women don’t buy makeup products online because there is no way to know whether they’ll like the color or coverage of a lipstick or foundation if they don’t try it on beforehand. With AR apps, we can create filters that can help you to figure out the look of the product on via through your phone camera. To improvise on it, app can even give you an indication of the product’s effect on you for a period of time.


Interestingly, one research in 2017 finds out that 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology can improve their customer experience. People can scan your menu and view the visualization of the menu, coming alive in front of them. You can inject AR into your packaging, and customers can obtain interactive information in one scan away. Taco Bell featured an AR feature on the Locos Tacos packaging and \ soda cup for their Doritos shell campaign. Users could see product-related Twitter and Facebook content on their phones when they scanned the box with the Taco Bell app. AR games can elevate the customer experience with the brand, With an AR-enabled game, people can engage with your brand, enjoy the experiences, and by the end of the game, you can reward them with discounts as well.


Most AR experts in the technology field consider it to gain success in every field of the world. Moreover, all the complex issues and challenging tasks get resolved with the help of Augmented Reality Solutions. Hence, developing an application with AR implementation is here to provide huge benefits with a delightful user experience as well. We will be sharing more information on customer integration with AR applications in other industries in future blogs.

If you have any business needs with AR, you can get in touch with us anytime!

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