January 12, 2018

Metaverse is becoming sensation. Thanks to marvel and Hollywood. The topic has become a hot point of discussion. Escaping the real world and living in a digital world with any identity they want is truly an amazing experience. It is true that the VR technology is deeply rooted in metaverse. This has eventually led to a lot of discussions rising on comparing the Metaverse and VR. Irrespective of the fact that they are both incredible achievements of technology, there is a lot of misconception on them. An example of that is the misconception that Metaverse is the virtual world one experiences through the VR headsets, We will be decoding those misconceptions today.


Metaverse has become the talk of the town since the technology giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony, and many others are venturing into the metaverse in their stand-alone styles. The revolutionizing event of facebook changing itself as Meta happened in October 2021 has created a sensation. 10Million oculus headsets have been sold since then. This has also brought in the misconception that Metaverse is the Virtual Reality seen through the VR headsets. Yet, it is important to understand that VR is only one of the ways, one would probably be communication with the metaverse. Let’s decode the differences between the two amazing technologies.

Know More about Metaverse

Neal Stephenson, a sci-fi author, first coins the term metaverse in his work. When we look back today, the way we define metaverse is very similar to way the author had defined it in his work. It is common to see Metaverse as the evolution of internet technologies.

The clear understanding of metaverse is that, it is a open and shared virtual space. It is interactive and allows the user to experience different types of virtual spaces, content, and services in three-dimensional spaces. Metaverse also provides creator economy by empowering multiple users to share and interact with the same content under a single virtual space.


So Virtual Worlds is Metaverse?

This assumption is a common one. It is natural for someone new to metaverse calculate this as a true fact. Except the truth is that, Metaverse is not “a” virtual world that is experienced by using only the VR technology. It does not end when the single user turns of the VR device. It is persistent. It is economically shared. It is functioning in the presence and absence of a single user. It enables the user to interact with the world with the identity they chose too. Digital avatars does the magic for you. When you dive in deeper and see the difference between the internet technologies we use today and metaverse, we find the clear difference there.

Metaverse would not be any device that just requests information from web servers. But, distinctively, metaverse has the ability to access online content and the virtual spaces as a person in the form of digital avatars. The user can be part of ample experiences by being any digital avatars in the metaverse without restrictions. For example, you don’t have to log out of a game to visit a virtual museum in the metaverse.

Then What is Virtual Reality?

Now after understanding the metaverse, lets discuss on Virtual Reality. We all know that Virtual reality is all about creating virtual worlds. It is a 3D environment generated by computer made visible by the VR gadgets to the user. It gives the user a chance to engage and imerge to the environment in an amazing way.

It is possible to manipulate the environment and also perform tasks there. Yes, It is true that it is a conjoining line to metaverse. But VR worlds are limited to one world. The VR gadgets are the entry points of the Virtual Worlds. It helps the user to be more involved in the surroundings. The sensory elements of t he VR world is a treat.

The usage of VR in almost all industries are taking pace now. It is gaining momentum in terms of user experience and liking.

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