October 5, 2021


For those in the construction or facilities management industries, keeping work flowing and employee satisfaction high is a constant goal.

Workers who are constantly moving up and down ladders or scaffolding to access materials, monitor progress, and control equipment can experience a serious decrease in morale.
Not only that, but these workers might not possess the expertise necessary to regularly monitor all of these parameters across multiple levels.

Here’s where the smartglasses come in handy. Smartglass reduces the need for frequent runs up and down ladders and scaffolding, as well as removing the requirement for expertise in multiple fields of construction.

This eases major stress on employees while simultaneously improving productivity.

Reduce the need for ladders and scaffolding

Safety is a top priority for any construction project. After all, safety is not only important to protect workers—it also keeps costs down by reducing the need for expensive ladders, scaffolding, and other protective gear.

One of the most important ways that Smartglass can improve worker safety at construction sites is by reducing the need for expertise in multiple fields of construction—such as carpentry and electrical work—which has traditionally required two workers with different skillsets on site at once.

As Smartglass becomes more widely used in construction projects around the world, it will be easier for one expert employee within an organization’s workforce to complete tasks that previously would have needed two or more employees working together simultaneously.

This will reduce overhead when hiring specialized labor for your next project.

Monitor and control project-critical parameters and equipment with SmartGlass.

SmartGlass is a mobile app that allows you to control and monitor your project-critical parameters and equipment from any location.

You can also use SmartGlass for remote access to your business’s SmartGlass-enabled devices such as thermostats, lighting systems, security systems, and more.

This means you don’t have to worry about what’s happening at the office because you’re always in control of things no matter where you are.

Plus it helps reduce overhead by enabling employees who aren’t on-site at all times to be able to access important information about their projects without having to make trips back into the office every time something goes wrong or needs attention.


Reduce the need for expertise in multiple fields of construction.

Smartglass allows you to reduce the need for expertise in multiple fields of construction.
There are many people who can learn how to use Smartglass, but there aren’t many people who can explain the construction process and provide technical assistance to those using it.
SmartGlass is an effective tool for training new employees on how to use it properly, but training existing employees can also be beneficial. In fact, it can even help improve productivity when used as a training tool by both new and existing employees alike!

Improve employee morale.

One of the most important benefits of having Smartglass is improved employee morale. Employees will be happier, less stressed, and have more time for their family and friends. They’ll also have more time to focus on personal development and health.

Smartglass technology allows employees to work from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a computer or tablet.

This means that they can work at home while spending quality time with their families or even while traveling abroad.

Smartglass has helped many clients improve employee morale, reduce overhead, and improve productivity.

Here are some of the ways we’ve found it helpful:

-Provide employees with valuable training during their working hours by linking them to expert sources or live experts via video chat.

This is especially helpful for small businesses with limited budgets.

-Give employees a chance to better understand their colleagues by connecting with them via video chat.

An app on your desktop can help connect people in different locations, so they can feel like they’re working together even if they’re not.

-Encourage collaboration between employees by giving them access to each other’s screens and video chats.

They’ll be able to work together more efficiently and then share the results of their teamwork with everyone else, increasing camaraderie throughout the company.

-Allow employees to take a break from the computer screen by connecting them with each other and letting them have fun on camera.

Smartglass makes it easy to ease the stress of employees working on multiple levels

Smartglass is a great tool for employees working on multiple levels. Whether you’re working in an office building, warehouse, or another industrial setting, Smartglass gives your staff the ability to monitor and control project-critical parameters and equipment from anywhere in the world.

This can be especially helpful if you have employees who are geographically distant from one another. For example:

When it comes time to do maintenance on a piece of machinery, Smartglass lets you keep tabs on what’s happening at any given moment with minimal disruption.

As long as everyone has access to Smartglass software, everyone will know exactly what needs to be done next and what should be done before they begin work each day (i.e., checksheets).

This helps improve employee morale because they don’t feel like they’re being kept out of the loop or left hanging without guidance when needed most—and it also makes sure that no one feels like they’re being taken advantage of by the management (or vice versa).

You may also find that using Smartglass reduces the need for ladders or scaffolding by giving workers more freedom regarding where they stand while performing their duties on various levels throughout your facility space.

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We hope this blog post has gotten you excited about the possibilities of Smartglass and how it can change the way we build our buildings.

We know that there are many other ways in which a company can benefit from using Smartglass, but we wanted to focus on these three because they seem to be among the most important for both big companies and small businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about how Smartglass can help your business or project, please contact us today.

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