April 2, 2022

“We believe wearable computing is entering its most exciting phase yet, as it transitions from demonstrations to the creation of sustained markets and industries, which in turn should drive future research and innovation”

says Oliver Amft of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany and Kristof Van Laerhoven of the University of Siegen, Germany.

This next generation technology is fastest-growing technological innovation and it makes a much great impact in consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs’ lives. A big shift is about to happen in the manufacturer industry in terms of on-body tech. As it is expected to become more versatile, prevalent, and energy-efficient, it is also emerging into a cost efficient solution.

Before the end of the year 2021, 222.3 million deliveries are anticipated in the wearable shipments. This depicts the potential of the wearable technology.

The best ways that AR smart glasses are ensuring businesses’ success in 2021 and beyond

The rapid increase in the usage of wearables also shows a steady transition from bracelets and sport trackers into smarter and more feature-rich wearables like AR smart glasses.

This AR Smart glasses have a tremendous impact upon the industrial sectors as they have proven tracks that shows how they can, disrupt every domain in bringing out the best in them.
It should be noted that wearable devices could be used to show a greater positive increase in the physical activity of the employees, keeping them relaxed in a much more effective way, and most predominantly increase the safety of the workers and their efficiency as well. The AR Smart glasses also prove to be relieving the users from the stress of holding on to a number of gadgets and guides during the execution of work. Simple examples are refraining from coming in contact with phones to answer calls, emails, texts, and many other alerts.

Llamas’ work states that “within the enterprise, wearables can help accelerate companies’ digital transformation by transmitting information back and forth while allowing workers to complete their tasks faster” and there can be no denial in this statement.

One major benefit that both the employers and employees would reap is the constant monitoring of employee health and thus avoid a number of fatal accidents. It is natural that the employees have or will face medical conditions at work and carrying this wearable AR smart glasses would immediately send a call for help. It is amazing to see how efficient the AR smart glasses are. Though they look simple, they can monitor heart rate, level of stress, or body temperature in a much accurate scale.

AR Smart Glasses: use cases, challenges and future potential

The world after pandemic is not only ready but also expecting shift towards advanced devices such as Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual reality (VR)/Mixed Reality (MR)/eXtended reality (XR) devices. The augmented reality Smart glasses are the go-to at present.

The main reason for this expectation is the paradigm shift from conventional Human-to-Human interaction (H2H) to more Machine Type Communications (MTC) interactions.
Even though the high end technology has had limitations in terms of energy expenditures, the modern technologies like energy harvesting and wireless charging have effectively brought in the change and solution.

It is important to understand that the Smart glasses, the eyewear technology that now efficiently layers information onto a user’s field of view and acts as an effective solution to many industrial limitations, started off as a simple front-end display. We have seen it cross barriers and transform into a successful tool now. Let us now discuss the successful use case applications.

The major advantage of the AR based smart glasses is that unlike many other wearable technologies, it gives the users a sense of physical and digital worlds at the same time. This enables the user to have a more natural experience. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a pro in creating this experience for the users. Thus, the AR smart glasses are a perfect solution to engage in the industrial sectors.

Use cases

Lets talk about the solutions the smart glasses have successfully provided rather than talking in general.

Video Guidance

The main and popular application of AR smart glasses is the Video guidance option. This simply means the usage of “see-what-I-see” system. Simply compatible to all needs starting from complex engineering support to simple remote assistance, this functionality has proven its popularity in companies and hence they consumed this amazing one of a kind technology into their workflows.

Manufacturing Industries

Major concerns are of speed, productivity, accuracy, compliance, and quality control when it comes to assembling in the manufacturing industries. The AR based smart glasses are specialized in delivering these exact parameters when used. Especially, automotive and aerospace manufacturers rely much on these AR based smart glasses as details are the key to perfection.

Construction sites

AR based smart glasses have been in fact a blessing to construction workers enabling a safe and productive as well as hands-free working experience for them. Remote solutions can be offered in real-time pertaining to structural inspections and errors.

Warehouse and Logistics

The AR based smart glasses can be a great aid to employees by helping them to quickly locate, collect, and deliver items efficiently. It makes it possible for them to have a hands-free experience as they receive directions and visual cues directly in their field of view. This increases their productivity and accuracy.


AR based smart glasses can offer the high-end technical experience by giving step-by-step visual prompts while doing assembling, repair, or maintenance procedures. The technicians can also validate the procedure done with the help of head-mounted displays.

Special Cases

AR smart glasses have been a great help in enhancing visitors’ experiences in museums. From instant subtitling to movies in theatres to projected navigation directions and reviews to support tourists, the AR smart glasses have uses that can be an infinite listing.

Future potential

The future scope of the AR smart glasses is evident in areas that include operations, development, and growth. It is not a surprise that this most beneficial and high-end technology have been incorporated by tech giants like AppleFacebook, and Samsung. They are working on their AR-powered smart glasses.

If you are still not certain on this, the following lines are for you

An eyewear database that can simply allow you to update the knowledge you need in a personalized manner. This simply means that one can be a hands-free workforce and still access most specific and targeted knowledge in direct field of view. The quality control, perfect maintenance, fast working pace, solutions that can be relied can all be got under one roof. Adding to this is the money that can be saved in terms of on management and training work force by providing remote assistance. And these are only a few of listed benefits.

The AR smart glasses are genies behind the curtain that have proven to be life, time, money and effort saving. Thus, facilities, warehouses, industries, factories and construction sites worldwide would be incomplete without them.

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